Chambered gravure/Flexo printing doctor blade

Chambered gravure/Flexo printing doctor blade Features:
Gravure/Flexo printing
Corrosive ink printing
Water-based ink printing
1.Uniform blade with 10mm,saving over 50% cost.
2.Special blade clamp,quickly to change blade without changing the original blade clamp holder.
3.0.065mm thick blade tip,blade body is blade tip,long service life of doctor blades.
4.Patented blade holder will provide a more constant contact surface with the cylinder and obtain better doctoring effect.
5.Apply to forward,reversed and chamberred doctor blade system.

Chambered gravure/Flexo printing doctor blade - Types of doctor blade

A.Standard Doctor Blade


Conventional type doctor blade,suitable for Gravure/Flexo printing.
Tip Tickness:0.075-0.12mm

B.Radius Edge Doctor Blade


Especially designed for flexo printing.Unique 30 degree radius edge which greatly extend the service life of doctor blade and effectively reduce abrasion of anilox.suitable for coating or polishing.

C.Bevel Edge Doctor Blade


Suitable for short plate multi-level refined printing.To obtain more clear wiping effect.
Tip Edge:4-15 degree

D.Step Doctor Blade


Combined support blade with doctor blade.suitable for high viscosity printing.
Tip Thickness:0.08-0.2mm

E.Chambered Doctor Blade


Both balde body and blade edge are desined for the uniform thickness and width,and operates with a special blade clamp and support blade.suitable for forward,reversed and chambered doctor blade system and can save over 50% cost.

Standard Doctor blade for gravure printing is one of the most widely used blades so far.The unique thickness and shape design provide a constant surface with the cylinder during doctor blade lifetime.which can effectively reduce printing problems and improve the printing effect.The blade tip is polished by special technology and the smooth arc zone at the end of lamella tip,which largely reduce abrasion betwwen doctor balde and anilox roller and prolong the lifetime.

install1.jpgInstallation of Doctor Blade

1. Doctor blade,support blade and blade holder must be keep clean.

2.Doctor blade must be clamped to maintain it's straightness.

3.Doctor blade and support blade must be placed parallel and the side of the tip must face up.

4.Distance of doctor blade,support blade and blade holder(as shown in the picture)

5.The pressure on the blade is minimal when the angle is 60~70 degree between blade and cylinder.Ink is completely scraped and blade life is order to obtain the best doctoring effect,we should make corresponding adjustments according to different printing machines and blade holders.






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