SND350 auto bender machines

SND350 auto bender machines Function Introduction:
A.Seamless joint
B.Auto bridging
C.Auto Lipping
D.Auto perforating
E.Auto cutting
F.Auto bending
G.5 layers auto trolley

SND350 auto bender machines

Performance and Technical Service Introduction

1.Machine Style:SND350

2.Function Introduction:

A.Seamless joint  B.Auto bridging  C.Auto Lipping  D.Auto perforating  E.Auto cutting  F.Auto bending  G.5 layers auto trolley

3.Suitable rule specification:

0.45×7-12mm   0.71×23.8-32mm   1.07×23.8-32mm

4.Features and performance:

①auto bender machine is usable for every kind of die cutting mould:High precision cigarette boxes,medicine boxes,electronics board,labels,printing and packaging die.

②Well designed precision tools with precise rule cutting,no burr at the end and seamless joint,save the time on trimming and grinding,greatly improve the work efficiency and product quality.

③Original bi-directional cutting design achieve fast and continuous work and improve work efficiency for its advantage of no need returning rule to trim the rules.

④It is the preferred machine for global large die cut factories in the past 20 years for its Unique design of single screw knife feeding mechanism,more accurate and durable.

⑤New Hancheng has 20 years experience in producing high quality Auto Bender Machine,serving 40 regions and countries,over 3000 packing and printing enterprises round the world.New Hancheng has a number of international and domestic well known brands and technology patents and has passed the certification of CE and ISO.

5.Standard Configuration: suitable for 0.71*23.8mm full set of mold.

1 set installed,1 set standby.Total: bending tool 2 sets,bridging tool 2 sets,lipping tool 2 sets,precutting tool 2 sets,perforating tool 2 sets,cutting tool 2 sets,standard broaching wolfram steel circular rule 4 pieces,standard nicking wolfram steel circular rule 4 pieces

6.Customized tool:

1.Auto punching tool

2.1.07*23.80mm tool  3.0.45*7-12mm tool

7.Functions and using range:

1.2P bending tool:suitable for rule within 0.71×23.8-32mm

2.3P bending tool:suitable for rule within 1.07×23.8-32mm

3.Label bending tool:suitable for rule within 0.45×7-12mm

4.Bridging tool:standard width:5.5mm,height:18mm.width 5-8㎜,and height 12-20mm are customized.

5.Lipping tool:select tool of center bevel 52°,42°,or double long center bevel to achieve the best joint effect.

6.Precutting tool:select appropriate rule angle for use

7.Perforating tool:select appropriate rule angle for use.

standard width:1.0mm,depth:2.0mm.width 0.80-2.0mm is customized.

8.Cutting tool:bi-directional cutting,no limitation for left and right shapes,quickly and continuously working. 

9.Punching tool:standard aperture 6.3mm.5.0-8.0mm is customized

8.Technical specifications:

1.Min bending length:2.0mm     2.Min cutting length:1.0mm

3.Feeding precision:±0.02mm   4.Bending flatness: ±0.03mm

5.Air pressure:0.6-0.8MPA      6.Power:220V  50-60HZ total power:2.5KW

7.Operating system:WIN 7 64 Bits  

8. Machine size:main machine:2.00*0.70*1.60m  rule holder:2.00*0.70*1.60m

9.Packing size: main machine:1.95*0.90*1.60m  rule holder:0.90*0.90*1.50m  

10.N.W.:420KG    G.W.:520KG


9.After sales service:

1.On-site service:our company will arrange professional technician to provide three working days installation and technical training services for our direct users.Buyer bears the costs of the round-trip air ticket ,visa and local accommodation for the technician training abroad 

2.Remote service :our company could provide English software,video about installation training and technical guidance,or online video to offer technical support.

3.Agent service:we have trained some qualified technicians of local agent to provide machine installation,technical training,maintenance services to offer comprehensive technical support and spare parts supply for local user more timely and efficient. 

4.Warranty period:

①one year guarantee for whole machine.

②half a year's guaranteed for tools in condition of normal operation. 





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